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BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

(Duration 6 Semesters- 3 Years) Intake Capacity - 200

BCA is an ideal course for IT savvy students. BCA is a full time three years program. The program is designed to develop Computo-managerial capabilities. The program covers fundamentals of Management and detailed coverage of Computer Applications.

On completion of this programme, a student may undertake further studies ether in Computer Applications (MCA) or diversify to specialization in Management (MBA). Live projects from industry are undertaken by the students so as to enable them to develop capabilities to solve real life situations prevailing in the industry.

Course Syllabus

Course Curriculum

Semester – I

  • BC-101 Information Technology
  • BC-102 Maths - I
  • BC-103 Basic Accounting
  • BC-104 Programming in C
  • BC-105 Communication Skills
  • BC-106 Software Lab-I (BC-101 & 103)
  • BC-107 Software Lab-II (BC-104)

Semester - II

  • BC-201Principles of Management
  • BC-202 System Analysis and Design
  • BC-203 Math - II
  • BC-204 Data Structures
  • BC-205 Digital Ckt. & Logical Design
  • BC-206 Hardware Lab-I
  • BC-207 Software Lab-III

Semester – III

  • BC-403 Computer System Architecture
  • BC-302 Management Info System
  • BC-303 Software Engineering
  • BC-304 Object Oriented Programming Using C++
  • BC-305 Introduction to Microprocessor
  • BC-306 Software Lab-IV (BC-304)
  • BC-307 Hardware Lab-II (BC-305)

Semester - IV

  • BC-401 Computer Networks
  • BC-402 Data Base Management System
  • BC-301 Maths II (Computer Oriented)
  • BC-404 Operating Systems
  • BC 405 Workshop on Visual Basic
  • BC-406 Software Lab-V (BC-402)
  • BC-407 Software Lab-VI (BC-404) (UNIX)

Semester - V

  • BC-501 Introduction to Internet & Java Prog.
  • BC-502 System Software
  • BC-503 Computer Graphics
  • BC-504 Operation Research
  • BC-505 Software Lab-VII (Web Design)
  • BC-506 Software Lab-VIII (BC-501)
  • BC-507 Software Lab-IX (BC- 504)


  • BC-601 Artificial Intelligence
  • BC-602 Handling Operating Systems
  • BC-603 Software Lab- X (Major Project II)
  • BC-604 Software Lab-XI (Web Designing)
  • BC-605 Software Lab-XII (BC 602)
  • BC-606 Seminar (BC 603)
  • BC-607 Comprehensive Viva-Voce

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