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Teaching Pedagogy:

Teaching Pedagogy:

“Teaching pedagogy of any institute reflects its core credentials & conscience”.

We at Campus breathe by the belief that learning is rejoice only if it’s discovery. Our core academic team spends mighty times to evolve innovative, noble & novel methodologies to make teaching realistic, research-oriented & worth reasonable. Pedagogical strategies are inclined towards real time challenges thus leading students strive & sustain every hurdle somewhat successfully. They actually learn the tactics how to confront issues & feasible means to resolve them.

Interestingly, what they come to learn is simply ‘applying logics to the problems they face”. To meet expectations of both worlds, i.e. industry & academics; we relentlessly Endeavour into developing and evolving interactive measures to make teaching a novel profession, a enthusiastic passion.

Common teaching pedagogies (I.T & Mgmt. Programs):-

pen-Ended Instruction Lessons are structured so that multiple/complex answers are possible: students are not simply steered toward one “right” answer.
Integrated Learning Learning brings together content and skills  from more than one  subject area
Satisfactory: content from a number of different  subject areas is readily identifiable
Good: resource is appropriate for use in more than one subject area
Very Good: the lines between subjects are blurred 
Inquiry Learning Learning is directed by questions, problems, or challenges that students work to address.   
Satisfactory: Students are provided with questions/problems to solve and some direction on how to arrive at solutions.
Good: students, assisted by the teacher clarify the question(s) to ask and the process to follow to arrive at solutions.  Sometimes referred to as Guided Inquiry
Very Good: students generate the questions and assume much of the responsibility for how to solve them.  . Sometimes referred to as self-directed learning.
Differentiated Instruction Activities address a range of student learning styles, abilities and readiness.
Satisfactory: includes a variety of instructional approaches
Good: addresses  the needs of visual, auditory &  kinesthetic learners
Very Good: also includes strategies for learners with difficulties
Experiential Learning Authentic learning experiences are provided
Satisfactory: learning is made concrete.  ‘Working with real objects,  using real sources of information
Good: learning takes place in a real-world context. Simulation, mentorship
Very good: learning provides experience beyond the classroom. Addressing real world issues and problems 
Co-operative Learning Group and cooperative learning strategies are a priority.
Satisfactory: students work in groups;
Good: cooperative learning skills are explicitly taught and practiced
Very Good: cooperative learning skills are explicitly taught, practiced and assessed 
Assessment & Evaluation of Student Learning Tools are provided that help students and teachers to capture formative and summative information about students' learning and performance. These tools may include reflection questions, checklists, rubrics, etc.
Peer Teaching Provides opportunities for students to actively present their knowledge and skills to peers and/or act as teachers and mentors.
Satisfactory: incidental teaching that arises from cooperative learning, presentations, etc.
Good or Very Good: an opportunity is intentionally created to empower students to teach other students/community members. The audience is somehow reliant on the students’ teaching (students are not simply ‘presenting’)
Case Studies Relevant case studies are included.  Case studies are thorough descriptions of real events from real situations that students use to explore  concepts in an authentic context.
Locus of Control Meaningful opportunities are provided for students to choose elements of program content, the medium in which they wish to work, and/or to go deeper into a chosen issue.

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